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Season 2018 - 2019


Iceland Dance Company premieres two new Icelandic pieces at the performing arts festival SPECTACULAR in November on the New Stage at Reykjavik City Theatre.

Piece no. 1 by Steinunn Ketilsdóttir to original music by Áskell Harðarson.

Piece no. 1 is an excessive organized expression. Chaotically controlled and sensually nonsensical. Distant, detached, yet right up in your face. There is one, two, three, and many. Each and every one unique within the unity. Connection and confrontation. Structure and strength, softness and sensitivity. Destruction and deviation. There is diving and digging, deeper and deeper, expanding space within space for movement of bodies, minds, and emotions. Vibration. Intention. Attention. Always but never delicate and detailed. 

Piece no. 1 is one expression of a dance piece made at this point in time and space. It has infinite perspectives, inside and outside. It is the first in a series of pieces emerging from the research project EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance where we continuously search for the other dance, another dance, our dance.  

More info about Piece no. 1.

The Best of Darkness by Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhannsson  to music by Sigur Rós and Valdimar Jóhannsson, created in collaboration with IDC dancers.

Embrace your shadow and weakness, embrace darkness!

The darkness is warm and embracing. A place where you can sleep tight and journey to dreamland or return back to your mother’s womb. Be vulnerable. But darkness is also frightening, a kingdom of nightmares and loneliness, the domain of hungry ghosts who wander in search for relieve and satisfaction. Continuously searching for the light that casts a shadow on others, they will never satisfy their hunger, but be stuck in roaring emptiness; a tempest they have us battling forevermore. 

The Best of Darkness is the fourth and final piece in a series of work, inspired by darkness and the vulnerability of the human body. The first piece in the series At Dusk, We Embrace was premiered during winter solstice 2017, at Sigur Rós’s festival Norður og Niður.  The video installation Life in the Undergrowth in collaboration with Pierre-Alain Giraud, premiered at the opening of the Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavík in February 2018 and was projected on two large oil tanks. The third piece, Variations of Darkness, was specially created for the bright space at Reykjavik Art Museum and performed at Reykjavik Arts Festival in June 2018. 

More info about The Best of Darkness.


IDC on tour

26. & 27. May  2017 // Utrecht – Spring Festival // SACRIFICE

20. June 2017 // Harstad, Artic Arts Festival // SACRIFICE

12.júlí 2017 // Amsterdam, Julidans // Black Marrow

18. & 19.August 2017 //  London, Southbank Centre // SACRIFICE

8., 9. & 10. September 2017// Tanzhaus, Dusseldorf // SACRIFICE

18. & 19. November 2017 // Kunstcentrum, BUDA, Kortrijk  // SACRIFICE

16. & 17. February 2018 // Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao // Black Marrow

5. & 6. May 2018 // Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens // SACRIFICE

27., 28. & 29. May 2018 // Festival TransAmeriques, Quebec // Union of the North

20.-30. May 2018 // Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow // Union of the North

 7. July 2018 // Low Light Festival, Queenscliff, Melbourne // Union of the North, Dies Irae & Örævi