Groβstadtsafari | [ Íd ] Íslenski dansflokkurinn

Older pieces


Premiered March 4th 2011

Part of Times Three

Choreographer: Jo Strömgren

Music: The Young Gods

Light design: Aðalsteinn Stefánsson

Costumes: Hrafnhildur Hólmgeirsdóttir

Assistance to choreographer: Maria Henriette Nygård , Gianluca Vincentini

Groβstadtsafari reflects upon the accumulation of tensions in crowded places. Lack of private space is the drawback of urban lifestyles. Some implode – others explode.


Morgunblaðið, March 8th 2011. Margrét Áskelsdóttir
“The piece is very technically demanding and gives the dancers an opportunity to demonstrate their physical abilities”.

Fréttablaðið, March 9th 2011. Sesselja G. Magnúsdóttir
“Polished and professional piece which captures your attention from the beginning until the end”
“A highly demanding dance piece but the dancers really rose to the occasion.”, March 10th 2011. Bryndís Schram
“Grossstadtsafari was crazy cool and demonstrated well how synchronized and technically strong the company is.”

OÖNachrichten. Austria. April 18th 2011.
“A stunning and gripping performance with intensive and powerful movements that bounds the audience to their chairs.”

Kreiszeitung. Germany. April 13th 2011.
“It is like a rapid thunderstorm. It fascinates you and sucks you in yet you are relieved when it´s finished and the silence takes over.”

Norwest Zeitung. Germany. April 14th 2011.
This choreography deals with a struggle between the individuality and the mass which is presented in a very energetic, creative, effective and top-class dancing”

IDC on tour

26. & 27. May  2017 // Utrecht – Spring Festival // SACRIFICE

20. June 2017 // Harstad, Artic Arts Festival // SACRIFICE

12.júlí 2017 // Amsterdam, Julidans // Black Marrow

18. & 19.August 2017 //  London, Southbank Centre // SACRIFICE

8., 9. & 10. September 2017// Tanzhaus, Dusseldorf // SACRIFICE

18. & 19. November 2017 // Kunstcentrum, BUDA, Kortrijk  // SACRIFICE

16. & 17. February 2018 // Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao // Black Marrow

5. & 6. May 2018 // Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens // SACRIFICE

27., 28. & 29. May 2018 // Festival TransAmeriques, Quebec // Union of the North

20.-30. May 2018 // Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow // Union of the North

 7. July 2018 // Low Light Festival, Queenscliff, Melbourne // Union of the North, Dies Irae & Örævi