Journey | [ Íd ] Íslenski dansflokkurinn

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Premiere May 18th at the Norðurljós recital hall in Harpa

Choreographers: Adalheidur Halldorsdottir, Asgeir Helgi Magnusson, Cameron Corbett, Emilia Benedikta Gisladottir, Hannes Thor Egilsson, Hjördis Lilja Örnolfsdottir, Inga Maren Runarsdottir, Lovisa Osk Gunnarsdottir and Thyri Huld Arnadottir along with artistic director Katrin Hall.

Music: GusGus

Costume design: Filippia Elisdottir and Yr Thrastardottir

Stage and lighting design: Adalsteinn Stefansson

Rehearsal director: Tinna Gretarsdottir


Pack light and prepare for a magnificent journey of music, dance and visuals into the world of your innermost emotions.

Journey is an unconventional piece where the interplay of dance, music and film bring to light unexplored emotions from the audience. Iceland Dance Company and dance-music icon GusGus join forces to create a piece, not bound by one particular artform, to the premiere of short films byReynir Lyngdal and Katrin Hall. Filippia Elisdottir andAdalsteinn Stefansson are in charge of set, costume and lighting design. Led by the dancers and newly composed music from GusGus, the collective creativity of the group becomes the source of the journey.

The audience are taken on a magnificent journey into a world created by some of Iceland‘s greatest artist, a world bursting with life and unexpected occurences, taking place on a Reykjavik spring night.

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November 29th and 30th, 2019 // Bilbao –  Teatro Arriaga // The Best of Darkness

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