Season 2017-2018

Loco and Kicks

a_MG_3484 2Loco and Kicks return for Reykjavik Arts Festival 2018.

Iceland Dance Company will be premiering a new piece about our friends Loco and Kicks by Hannes Þór Egilsson og Þyri Huld Árnadóttur. Directed by Pétur Ármannsson and costume design by Sigríður Sunna Reynisdóttir.

The show Loco and Kicks throw a birthday party received much praise from both critics and the audience and was nominated as the best children’s performance and for best choreography at the 2016 Icelandic Performing Arts Awards (Gríman).

„A great children’s piece where the idea, arrangement and framework are exemplary”
“The audience, which spanned a wide age group, all laughed a lot … “The energy level was always high”
Kara Hergils Valdimarsdóttir – Fréttablaðið 

“I highly recommend that parents take their children to Loco and Kicks’ birthday party and please take their older siblings with, as it is a recipe for a fun family time”
Sesselja G. Magnúsdóttir – Hugrás

“The seven-year old was mesmerised. “This was fun”, he said repeatedly and wanted to see it again straight away”
María Kristjánsdóttir – Víðsjá

“This show was a lot of fun and fantastic. From the scale 0-17 I give it 182. I can recommend Logo and Kicks to all ages”
Edda Ágústa –