Kvart | [ Íd ] Íslenski dansflokkurinn

Older pieces


Premiered February 22nd 2008

Choreographer: Jo Strömgren

Music: Kimmo Pohjonen

Costumes: Steinunn Sigurðarsdóttir, Iðunn Andersen

Light design: Aðalsteinn Stefánsson

Jo Strömgren is considered by many the king of Nordic Dance Theater and his creations have been performed in over 50 countries. Kvart was originally created in 2004 for the anniversary of Oslo Danse Ensamble, but adapted and developed for the Iceland Dance Company.
Kvart is movements on a square wool carpet. Kvart tries to explore a certain type of dance that is not often shown on a stage – dancers that dance for each other. This type is more relevant outside the theatre, whether it is a ritual gathering in Congo or hip-hoppers on suburbian Paris streetcorners.

The costumes are by Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, one of Iceland´s leading fashion designer, and the powerful music by Finnish composer Kimmo Pohjonen.