RHYTHM OF POISON | [ Íd ] Íslenski dansflokkurinn


Rhythm of Poison is a vast new creation by Finnish choreographer and musician Elina Pirinen. The work is made for the Iceland Dance Company in collaboration with Finnish composer & sound designer Ville Kabrell, dramaturge Heidi Väätänen and lighting designer Valdimar Jóhannsson.

Rhythm of Poison is a joyful and breathtaking expressionist feast of subconscious dancing, gorgeous singing, delicious visuality and doompsycho-musical materials. It is choreographer Pirinen’s desire to work closely with imagination, libido, wildness and intimacy. 

Rhythm of Poison seduces the audience to drown in their free associative inner speech by inviting to witness deep joy, transgression and regression, romance, the courage of desperation and the beauty of obsession. 

Choreographer: Elina Pirinen
Music: Ville Kabrell
Dramaturge: Heidi Väätänen
Lights: Valdimar Jóhannsson

Dancers: Elín Signý Weywadt Ragnarsdóttir, Félix Urbina Alejandre, Halla Þórðardóttir, Saga Sigurðardóttir, Shota Inoue, Sigurður Andrean Sigurgeirsson and Una Björg Bjarnadóttir

Premiered on February 28th 2020 at the Reykjavik City Theatre.

Season 2022-2023


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