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Welcome Home

Premiered February 5th 2009

Choreography: Cameron Corbett, Katrín Hall & Peter Anderson

Original music: Frank Hall, Pétur Ben & Sigtryggur Baldursson

Set and light design: Aðalsteinn Stefánsson

Costumes: Agnieszka Baranowska og Filippía Elísdóttir

Welcome home is created in an atmosphere of crisis and uncertainty.  The title of the piece refers to a journey of the individual or the society – that cycle we seem to be destined to repeat for eternity. The cycle of growth, prosperity, difficulties and re-evaluation.

The choreographers dig under the surface and examine the human being´s need to belong, grow and enjoy as well as the conflict with our surroundings  and the structure of civil society.

They work with concepts like narcissism, greed, disappointment and exhaustion in the open and symbolic way contemporary dance offers.

Can we break out of that cycle? What is the power of the individual?  Where does freedom and happiness lie?