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White for Decay

Premiered March 4th 2011

Choreographer: Sigríður Soffía Níelsdóttir í samvinnu við dansara

Music: Jóhann Friðgeir Jóhannsson

Light Design: Kjartan Þórisson

Costumes and styling: Ellen Loftsdóttir

Assistance to choreographer: Snædís Lilja Ingadóttir, Gianluca Vincentini

White for Decay is created for six dancers and a music box. Four dancers perform the piece which examines lives and relationships of people in unusual circumstances. How a difficult situation can change a person or their personality. How desperation materialises and people turn into a shadow of themselves. During the creation process the group researched various materials such as news from “Our Century 1939-51”.


Pressan, March 10th 2011. Bryndís Schram
“Sigriður Soffía is obviously a versatile artist as she has also created films, studied circus acts as well as working with visual arts. All of this is reflected in this piece which thrusts forward under mesmerizing but dramatic music by Jóhann Friðgeir Jóhannsson.”
“All the dancers demonstrate incredible technique and partnering in the second part which flows like a powerful river around the stage but then slowly fades away.”

Morgunblaðið, March 8th 2011. Margrét Áskelsdóttir
“The piece utilizes different types of movement for example circus arts, contemporary dance and step dancing. The frame of the piece; sound scape, set, costumes and light design, is extreme well implemented. The piece is therefore very visual and has a strong overall feel to it.”